Downverter YouTube download & conversion tool

Do you like movies? Do you like Music? Of Course you do! and more than likely you’ve spent many hours looking for songs you like on youtube to watch the video and thought to yourself “Man, I wish I could just turn this video into an mp3 so i could listen to it later” Well, now you can.

I had read about Downverter a while ago and even installed it once, but never gotten around to using it until this week. its an amazing utility and as of the version i’m running, isn’t plauged with bloat-ware and ad-ware like many of the other “YouTube Downloaders” that are out there.

For instance: I was rocking out to some Skrillex and really wanted to download the mp3, and realized what a GREAT time to test out the software. so I installed via the .deb fileĀ  found

once you load it up, its easy to use here is the screenshot of it in use:

in use - downloading Skrillex video, then converting to mp3

Using it is simple, paste the full URL (not the “share this” link) into the first field. then in the step 2 field, select your media output you would like. then step 3, download file. the only one they show but didn’t give a step/title is step4-Awesomesauce

anyway, have some fun.


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