Remote server administration the easy way

I love working with servers, I always have. I built my first network server when I was 12, and used it in my parent’s basement. When I set up a server, my main goal is to keep as FEW programs installed as possible, I want the greatest amount of system resources possible. For many years that has meant doing the things the long and dirty command line method of administration.

yes, I’ve gotten good with making some basic shell scripts, to automate jobs, but over all, I have always longed for an easier method of remote administration. Much like I configure my router, and then, a lightbulb! lets look for a server admin web tool!!!!! and I found webmin.

I had tried webmin many years ago, in its infancy, and it didn’t do all that I wanted at that point, and so I temporarily forgot about the project. now, many years later, I’m acquainted with the project and find myself IN LOVE with its simplicity and ease of use.

by default webmin runs on port 10,000 and requires an ssl connection. my server isn’t web-facing so the only place i can administer the server is from my home network but if you WANTED (don’t want to) you could forward port 10000 to your server, and access your webmin tool from anywhere in the world. (but so can anyone else)

services like webmin are powerful, and really make many of the everyday jobs easy when administering a server, but keep in mind, webmin has root access to your server, so YOU should be the only one with access, don’t open webmin up to the web.

i know this was a  terrible article.. i just need to try to keep the thoughts coming out…

stay tuned for more


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