Anonymous Email: TorMail

Are you looking for a good source for anonymous email? Google tracks your email, and IP addresses, and asks for personal information when creating an account. Yes, you can still make them fairly anonymous, but to really be safe with google, you HAVE to use TOR, and pray you never forget to log in, because then your real IP is logged.

I found a nice service for my email that I want to keep secret, and untracked. Tormail. Tormail is a service that works behind the Onion network, and does not store or filter your email. you will only be asked for a username and password to create an account, so NOTHING traceable needs to be used. Your email address will be, and anyone can send you messages, but the email server that stores your mail is only accessible as a TOR service. has a few outward facing servers that work as relays to allow the outside world to send the email to you, it is then forwarded from the relays to the real email server. this means that if for any reason their outward facing servers are taken down, they will just place a new relay up in its place and you will still have all your email, and nothing is lost or contained on the relays. And since the email server is only reachable through TOR, that means your real IP and identity will never be logged incase of a breach.

I personally think this is an amazing service and a good place to start for anonymous email. If you would like to check out Tormail, The onion link is here


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