Anticipation is Killing me

So, I have not been very active online lately, life has been taking its toll on my ability to open up the laptop and try to do anything, but as a cure to many of the things holding me back from my pure unleashed potential is my disorganization. Thanks to terrible ADHD and resistance to many of the common medications, I am very scatter brained. I try to use to-do lists, and devices to keep track of things i’m trying to accomplish, but many of my devices are clumsy and awkward, or just plain impossible to carry with me when i’m out running errands. Well for christmas i’m getting myself a Nexus 7 32GB tablet, and will be getting it set up as a main device.

I’ve used an iPad2 (issued through work) and attempted to use it for mobile organization, but the form factor is too large to make it useful. its hard to carry around with me, and use or pull out when i need to do anything. where as the 7 inch format is something that has been my target for a few years, and now the hardware has come up to compete directly with the laptops i would have purchased.

through google drive, dropbox, and the on device storage, i should have more than enough space for my usage. my only problem is that it doesn’t have a rear facing camera, which means i will still need to carry a phone with me for pictures of the kids and such, but for everything else, i should be able to live on a device that fits in my back pocket. 


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