Nexus 7: first impression

So today is that horrible holiday where a fast jolly elf comes in and raids our homes km leaving us goodies in exchange for cookies and milk. Yes, today is Christmas. Amidst all the horrible joyful gnashing of children’s teeth over toys and candy and food, I opened my lone present, a gift of fairly small size, compared to the doll houses, Lego’s, and found in my hands a wonderful Nexus 7.
This blog post is being written with the tablet’s WordPress app, and will be a review of my first thoughts and impressions.
So I started reading about it back in July and knew the rooting process was easy, but that unlocking the bootloader would wipe the entire device so anything stored on it would be gone. so I decided to root it right out of the box. I had to let it charge for about two hours before the battery was full, but then routing took only about five minutes.

I have been very impressed with the features and speed of the device. The swipe keyboard input for jelly bean, is amazing. I’ve been using the sale this whole post and its only messed up three times. The app switching and multitasking is fast and responsive.

Overall, I have not played with a better tablet and couldn’t be happier with my choice of computing device, and this will for the most part take the place of my laptop.


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