Nexus 7: Laptop replacement? or fancy eye candy.

Alright, per my last post, I announced that I got a nexus 7 for my personal computing device. And I would like to point out that it is a fully beautiful, amazing machine. Most days I do not even need my laptop. The 7 inch form factor is perfect for my daily needs, because it is easy to type on, and yet the screen is big enough for reading, and web browsing.

The nexus 7 is also super easy to root, which opened up the possibility of hacking from the tablet, like I’ve done on my phone, but on a bigger scale, with both a better operating system AND hardware, that is still possible to use stealthy and hide in a pocket.

Droidsheep works very nicely, and I’m looking to try out a few new tools that I’ve found and will write about at a later time. In my personal opinion, I will admit that my friend may or may not have been right, that the day of the tablet might have arrived.

All I can say is, this blows the iPad away, with processing power and size, and operating system just perfect for someone that is trying to either get started with a tablet, or looking to push your device to the limits of its ability. This is one of the best pieces of computer equipment I’ve used.

And as for the title of this article, for me, this tablet is totally feasible as a laptop replacement. While a person will still find occasional use of a computer, for data transfer and backup useful, it is not needed.


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