Password 101: how to suck at security

Password 101: how to suck at security.

(Totally not a satire post…. Totally…)

1. Always Use a simple password.
2. Always write it down.
3. Always Use the same password for everything.
4. Never change your password.

Always use a simple password:

Your password should always be as simple as possible. Sometimes you are required to include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, but you should make it as simple as possible so you never forget it. Use a name or month/season for the letters capitalize the first letter, use a year for the numbers, and an exclamation point for good measure. So it could look something like “Darklordzim2014!”

Always write it down:

Now that you have a password that should be simple enough, MAKE SURE YOU WRITE IT DOWN! In the rare case you’d ever forget your password, you should have it written down. Some good place to keep it are: a text file on your Windows desktop named SecretPassword.txt, a sticky note pasted to your monitor, and on an information card in your wallet. (Side note: if you rename your wireless network at home, and put a password on it, put the password in the network name, like “Darklordzim’s wireless PW Darklordzim2014!”)

Always reuse the same password:

If you used the simple method I discussed earlier (of course you did, because why wouldn’t you) your password should be usable on almost every website or account, so you should always use the same password to make it easier to remember your login details. (Bonus tip: when possible, use the same username or email address too)

Never change your password:

Some places make you change your password, but most website (including most banks) don’t make you change your password. Changing your password makes it much harder to remember, so you shouldn’t do it. If you must change the password from time to time, instead of using the year for the ” numbers ” in your password, just use 01 then change it to 02, then 03, and so on. Change as little of your password as possible so you can remember it easier.

These tips, if used correctly should help you be just like everyone else. Now, get out there and start sucking.

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