Bandit, My little lovable monster

Well, Life continues to present some of the most difficult obstacles in my way, so I’m working quite hard to just let the difficult things be what they are, and put more of my energy into being positive, and getting back to whatever my “new normal” is going to be… but in the meantime, life isn’t meant to be alone… and well… i’m perfectly happy being single, for the rest of my damn life. I won’t go into more, because that’s not the point… the point is This.. I got myself a Ferret last month, named Bandit.

It has been over 10 years since i had my last ferret, and this time, he’s going to more spoiled than he knows what to do, and because of my current life circumstances he’s getting a TON of “bonding” time with me, and we’re already pretty inseparable the only problem is…. we’re both monsters…. he’s just a little one…

He’s a monster, because he refuses to try new things.. like actually pooping in his litter-box.. at this point, i figure he’s doing it simply to be a dick.. so we’re working on litter training, and just made the whole bottom of his cage his current litter-box… When he does his business, the door to the cage opens, and he gets to run.. if he remembers to go back into the cage to do his business he gets to stay out.. if he goes on the carpet, he goes back in the cage… he’s already getting the point quite well, and every morning now, goes to the bathroom when we wake up, so that he gets to play.

He’s also a people magnet, I bring him with me places, and so many people are curious about ferrets, it’s so much fun to educate people, socialize him to be used to everything and everyone.. it surprises most people that ferrets are a) not rodents, and b) SUPER smart, and trainable.. it can lead to really fun conversations.

anyway, I couldn’t sleep last night, been playing with Bandit, and wanted to take a minute to write down some thoughts about it. Owning pets is one of the most beneficial things for the soul, just make sure it’s the kind of pet you actually want, understand, and enjoy.

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