Android app review: Swapps

Now that I’m using my nexus 7 significantly more than my laptop from day to day, I’m always looking for applications to make my life easier while adding functionality and usability to my tablet.

Enter “Swapps”. Swapps is an android application switcher that makes multitasking so much easier. The switcher runs in the background and is accessible via gesture by swiping from the side of the screen to access the drawer.

From the launcher drawer, you can set “starred” apps, that you use the most, it shows the most recent 5 apps, and still will give you access to all applications on the tablet. You can customize each section through the settings. You can set up to 15 starred apps. Turn recent apps on or off (recent only shows 5 apps), and you can turn all apps on or off.

You can also customize the swipe area, as wide or narrow, tall or short, right or left side of the screen. Out of all the productivity applications I’ve tried, this one so far is my favorite. It’s available for free in the play store, with a very small ad bar or you can donate through an in app purchase to remove the ads. (Though the ads don’t remotely subtract from the usefulness are functionality)

I’ve attached some screen shots of the switcher, and settings.



Also, I would like to add that you can kill background processes by long pressing an app in the “recent” section.

Here is the Google play store link, this is one app I very much think you should try!