GAH!!!!! – a rant


Okay, fair warning… this will be a stream of thought, and frankly I don’t care if you can follow it or not… I have to vent it out…. so here you go


I’m so tired of everyone whining about shit, when they continue to do EVERYTHING in a public setting (Online). Growing up in the Wild Wild West days of the Internet I was taught, and KNEW, never… NEVER to use my REAL information on anything online. Since my first computer, I have played with programming, and networking, and have been horrified at how easy it is to glean information from ANY program, yet you all use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and fucking every other site, not to mention all of the online shopping sites that you enter your name, address, phone number, credit cards, and fucking social security numbers… what the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL!!!!!!

yes, some sites you have to, but do you even take the time to look to see if you should use those sites at all? have you looked at any kind of security settings on your account to limit the people who even have access to your information? have you looked at their privacy policies to make sure they don’t SHARE your information or worse yet, use it for profit by selling it to whomever wants to buy it?

god damn. My kids are already smarter than most of you, and they understand the idea that once something is online, that it is NEVER going to go away. Yes, I understand that in today’s world you almost HAVE to use the internet, but what i don’t understand is why the fuck you need to make an account on every site you visit.

I don’t have Facebook, I don’t have Pintrest, or Instagram, and you know what? I don’t even miss having it for one second. nope… and my using ad-blockers is currently making it impossible to even go to some sites (as they are now restricting traffic if you have your ad-blocker enabled) but guess what? Yeah, still don’t care, those are now sites I’ll never use again. so not a big deal to me.

Take your time, and enjoy things that matter. stop obsessing about fucking news from anywhere outside of 50 miles outside of your home, because guess what…. it’s probably not going to affect you…. I left Michigan nearly 10 years ago, and to be honest, I haven’t cared to read ANY of the news about Michigan even though I still have family there… if something earthshaking or world-changing happens there, My family can tell me when we are on the phone… yeah that fucking thing we used 30+ years ago before the Internet.

let the other places in the world burn, and take initiative in your own life, because that is ALL you have control over. This planet is doomed, because nobody stops to THINK about what they are doing, or saying anymore. Complaining because shit’s not fair…. WHEN IN FUCKING LIFE HAS ANYTHING BEEN FUCKING FAIR?!!??!?!?! If you’re worried about people knowing too much about you, don’t put it online! if you’re not worried about it… you deserve EVERYTHING that comes your way. Just be smart, and use common sense (which i know you can’t because you likely don’t have any anymore) but FUCK… stop complaining, and stop playing the fucking victim. Take responsibility for yourself because now we face a world, where Bathrooms are the most important issue in our 1st world fucking society…

on that note, let me just be 100 percent fucking clear… I give absolutely ZERO fucks about what bathroom you want to use, however, if you go into that bathroom and cause a scene or act a fool, YOU are the problem… walk into the damn stall, mind your own business and get the fuck out…. like every other person on the planet. what a bunch of fucking whining sissies and fuckwits we have…

anyway, my time is up…



Everywhere I look nowadays, too many people are whining because something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. They don’t even take the time to learn WHY something might not work. HEAVEN FORBID THEY ACTUALLY LEARN HOW SOMETHING WORKS!!!!!!!

people continue to accept “dumbed down” versions of applications because they don’t know how to do anything similar. Case and point, the acceptance of the term “The Cloud” which has no fucking meaning, but everyone just assumes things work because “The Cloud”. People, its the internet. Everything people are chalking up to “Cloud” services, have existed in one sense or another since computers had to “Call” each other with a modem to establish a connection.

Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive (basically any “Cloud Storage”) services are all basically fancy “Shared drives” like one would have used in windows or Samba servers in linux. You allocate a certain amount of storage space on a drive on the network and give a specific user rights to see their drive. that user can assign other’s rights to see some of or all of their share, but it still is the same place on the damn network. 

Where the problem comes in, is when everyone starts whining about “Privacy” or “Security” when some online service fails, or gets hacked, or uses what you upload to create some profile about you. HERE’S A FUCKING IDEA: IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT PRIVACY OR SECURITY OF THE INFORMATION YOU ARE STORING, KEEP IT ON YOUR OWN FUCKING COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll your own private cloud, or a VPN, or hell even your own server. if you don’t want to do that, you have no business complaining when Google indexes your email, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO OPTED IN TO THEIR SERVICE! If you don’t like it, DON’T USE IT!

Stop thinking everything is fucking magic, stop thinking your data is “safe” simply because some company says they keep things secure. Learn how to do things for yourself, or be at the mercy of those who DO learn.

there… rant over, now go learn something.

I’m a ninja, whacha gonna do about it?!

When it comes to hacking, I find myself in a place that many other’s do. I don’t have a vast pool of magical wealth, with which to build a security weapon of mass destruction. I find that the only people with the money to spend on building the BEST hacking machines are one of two people. The first is a Whitehat hacker who is backed by a large pen-testing company, the company will fund the hacker’s machine to the best of their ability because the better he can do on a PenTest, the more profit they will make. This I understand, but being that I am not a Blackhat and I hack as part of my job, it causes a bit of envy of people who can afford the “right” tool for the job.

The other type of person that can devote massive amounts of money onto a hacking computer, would be a Highschool student or early college student (that hasn’t yet come to terms with his massive debt) and has all the free time in the world to learn to do something fun for a while. I have seen many of these computers go to waste, because the person THOUGHT they wanted to learn hacking, but when they learned it was nothing like the movies, and it’s actually quite a bit of work, they give up, and that computer becomes agaming computer.

In the title I state that I am a Ninja, and this is why I think MOST hackers today, could fit better into this bucket. Back in Japan, when the ninja was used as a spy of the day, they were poor people, farmers or average people who HID their identity for fear of being discovered. They also didn’t have money for amazing swords, or armor like the Samurai did, they had to fashion their weapons and armor out of things they could find, and would need to know how to use ANYTHING they found as a means of defending themselves, or attacking the enemy. Sticks, brooms, rakes, chains, kitchen knives, towels, anything you can imagine has a use in attack or defense if needed.

I think we hackers today, are doing this more often than we would stop to notice. We “make do” with the tools we have, we mold other devices into new tools, and push hardware to do things that were never even imagined when it was built. Ninja’s also were not good, they were not bad. They had a job to do, and if they didn’t MANY people would die. A ninja’s main goal was to NOT get caught, so I don’t think some of the big names in the scene are acting as ninja’s.

The scene has become some kind of “Status Club” even among groups like Anonymous, or any of the groups dumping/bragging about their exploits and hacks. when will people see that all that does is draw attention square on yourself. Go ahead, keep claiming your victims publicly, keep bragging about how 1337 you are, as long as focus is on you, it’s not on anyone else who might actually be trying to do some good.


sorry.. I got side tracked, but had to get that off my chest.

also, not ALL people who fall into my description of a ninja are ninja’s, I didn’t mention that on top of not getting caught, most times ninja’s were not allowed to kill unless absolutely necessary for the completion of the mission, there were to AVOID conflict at ALL costs. so that the information they collected could be used at a later time, by the ENTIRE armed force.

this translates well to the hacking culture also, so many people are running around “killing” anyone that’s in front of them, but what is the end goal? did you ACCOMPLISH anything? what’s worse is you could have COMPROMISED everything a group has been working on, because you started making too much noise.

they secret in our field is SECRETS, trust, and yes HONOR.

if you aren’t going to help, get out-of-the-way.