Fuck Social Media right in the face

Such bullshit. All of it. all of YOU. Fucking fake, feigned interest in everyone’s lives so they can post something online, and try to forget how shitty the world is.

Guess what. Yeah, the world is shitty. What? it is… and sitting around on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter isn’t making one fucking bit of difference. Everyone is so fucking impersonal, that it has crept into real life, Face to face meetings. You know what I mean, I bet you’re even reading this on a mobile device, or when you’re supposed to be doing something else. (if you’re driving, please just crash into the nearest pylon and Darwin yourself)

it never fails. Any time I even log onto one of my social media accounts, I’m just swamped with useless information, or even better, swarmed with people “Raging” over something or another that is being done. but that’s all everyone does now, is bitch and complain. Why wont you just STOP complaining, and make a change?

I got tired of playing the Politically Correct line of “I’ll look a certain way for my career” so I finally said “fuck it” and shaved a Mohawk, I¬†wear all black (most of the time) and my ID badge, has a Leather Jolly Roger ID case. Because I felt like it. I don’t sit and post pictures, or rub anything I’m doing in the FACE of social media, or coworkers. I just simply am not willing to care what anyone else thinks about me.

which brings me to this, most of you are SO consumed by what other people think, that you miss the very things going on in front of you. How do I know? Because I had let myself get so consumed by it too. but it’s worthless, and now I’m so callous, and uncaring that I’d rather not even deal with other Humans, because everyone is too shallow now, and just concerned with things they cannot affect.

I guess all I’m trying to say is, “Wake up” and start to look at yourself. what good does it do to post about all this stupid shit that you can’t actually do anything about? do you think that none of this horrible shit has been happening until recently? no, until recently we just didn’t have the access to global communications the way we do now.

People always used to be what made this world spin, but people are what’s ruining this world now. cut it out.


Media and Government think Hackers are stupid

Tonight my wife and I were running some errands, and as I usually do, I was listening to talk radio. During the local news break, they ran a headline about the Thrift Savings Accounts for congress being hacked, and the newscaster sounded surprised to report that the motive did not appear to be for identity theft.

I’m sorry, but when the fuck did Identity theft become the ONLY thing hackers do? does nobody know anymore that “Knowledge is power”? When it comes to fighting a war, or trying to leverage a target to your will, having knowledge to use against them is much more important than stealing that enemies identity.

Identity theft is for chumps, and script kiddies who are BEGGING to get caught. I find it supremely insulting that all hackers are criminals, but now they are dumb criminals. Does it not even cross reporters minds that you can use the identity information for things like blackmail, threatening to give the data to your targets enemies.

I just had to vent about this, because it was a very upsetting headline, with about 30 seconds to convey how surprised they were that hackers would want banking information for something other than identity theft