Tech Support Hell

Today I woke up in a place I call “Tech Support Hell”. The following post will be a rant, if you don’t want to hear me complain about a user.. don’t read the post.

For my job I do full spectrum tech support, easy questions, hard questions it doesn’t matter My team does it all. We also configure and test machines for deployment, and those requests are supposed to come in advance of a user starting under our support to ensure we have appropriate time to prepare a laptop for them. Today we had the department admins (not the technology admins) submit 3 new hire requests for people starting on Monday. Its not unmanagable, just unfriendly.

I have to configure the Domain accounts, and Machines, plus get them ready to mail out all by close of business today (hence the reason they normally come a few weeks in advance). But I’m taking my task in stride and still hammering out tech support phone calls like a champ, when I get a call that pushed me over the edge.

*phone rings*
me: “Hello, this is tech support, how can I help you”
Customer: “My toolbar is missing, I need it back”
Me: “What toolbar? What program are you using?”
Customer: “I dunno, I think its ‘Microsoft’.”
Me: “No, ma’am like what software are you using? Microsoft Word? Excel? IE?”
Customer: “Right now i’m using <Web app>, but I can use whatever you want me to, I just need my toolbar”
Me: “Okay, So you’re in Internet Explorer, which Toolbar is missing?”
Customer: “THE TOOLBAR.. ”

So I remotely connected to the customer’s computer and it turned out she didn’t have her “Menu Bar” enabled but I never thought I would hear a conversation that dumb. Isn’t this supposed to be the technology age? Isn’t everyone supposed to know how to save a file or open a website? At least I know, if you’ve navigated to this blog post, you know how to work a browser.

sorry, I just had to rant about this.